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Mutual respect is a core value of Word Atlas. We invest in long-term partnerships with our freelancers, employees and clients. We don't use 'tricks' to pocket more money, we strive for a transparent win-win collaboration that benefits us all!

'I'm very satisfied with the way of working, especially the communication between translator and reviser (which is not only good for the quality, but also for the commitment), easy contact with Sara and the employees, and the strong expertise in-house.'

Dennis S. - freelance translator

A few figures

Word Atlas is a company with:

  • A turnover of 1,120,000 euros (in 2023)
  • About 45 freelancers who translate for us on a regular basis + a big pool for more sporadic projects
  • A team of 2 internal colleagues
  • Large contracts with public agencies
  • The conviction that remote work and engagement work well together!


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